Political Intelligence

To understand what policy and political leaders are doing today and planning for tomorrow, institutional investors need to do more than monitor news and data services. You need to know more. You need answers to your questions from a consistently reliable source of insight into the world of politics and policy.

Every day in Washington and within government institutions across the globe, decisions are made that affect the prospects and profitability of individual companies and entire industries. The investment and political worlds are both in the midst of a sea change. Higher levels of regulation are in the works, no matter which party is in control.

The forces driving these changes – the political contests and policy debates – are not as familiar to investment professionals as fundamental, technical or quantitative research. Our “Political Intelligence” service is built on a single powerful idea: to provide institutional investors with accurate, actionable and timely information created by the currents of political forces and regulatory decisions.

The OSINT Group has assembled a group of experts from the ranks of lobbying, academia, government consulting, industry, journalism and law who are skilled in every major area of policy and politics.

We bring you the facts, analysis and insight you need to make the best investment decisions, our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Services Regulation
  • Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Foreign Affairs and Geopolitics
  • Corporate Governance and Litigation Risk
  • Political Risk Analysis

Our political intelligence operation differs from standard ‘lobbying’ in that The OSINT Group is not looking to influence legislation on behalf of clients, but rather provide unique ‘monitoring’ of information through our personal relationships between lawmakers, staffers, and lobbyists working the K Street – Pennsylvania Avenue corridor.

Providing this service for clients who do not want their interest in an issue publicly known is an activity that does not need to be reported under the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), thus providing an additional layer of confidentiality for our clients.  Because of our unique relationships in Washington, we are able to outsource government affairs requests at a discount to a specialized firm that best fits a client’s interest where these activities are required.

This service is ideal for companies seeking a competitive advantage by allowing a client’s interests to remain confidential as the relationship between the client and the outsourced firm is protected by attorney-client privilege.