Government and private-sector interaction and cooperation has become a necessary catalyst for innovation and information sharing across the Intelligence Community (IC) spectrum. Innovation, once the realm of government agencies and major corporations, now occurs at every level of the private sector: corporations, academia, NGOs and “think tanks” are all participants in the public-private sector” information sharing community.

Forward-thinking decision makers within the U.S. intelligence and national security communities now depend on strong relationships with the private sector. The need for such relationships has never been greater, as these communities seek assistance not only in meeting their technology operations and “All Source” intelligence needs, but also in assessing strategic issues and enhancing the quality of their analysis.

The OSINT Group offers our private sector expertise and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and CyberSecurity Services to select customers as an outside support partner to the IC spectrum and its contracting partners.  Planning, evaluation, selection, and deployment of security solutions customized to their needs, we provide customers with their own brand of tested and pre-configured security appliances to ease the deployment and management of sophisticated threat management solutions.

For end-users such as government agencies, defense contractors, international financial institutions, global energy companies and military clients, the use of open source intelligence is vitally helpful in various ways:

  • Crisis support
  • On-going operational support
  • Investment risk and analysis

A modest investment in OSINT by our clients can significantly multiply the effectiveness of current classified intelligence capabilities while simultaneously improving general intelligence support and/or investment risk and analysis.

The OSINT Group utilizes in each case the best and most relevant sources to respond to established client needs with sensitive yet unique and important “open source intelligence” rather than just “information.”