Open Source Intelligence

The OSINT Group provides training, research and information services, special studies and security assessments integrating world-class human expertise with automated tools to produce our unique, “just enough, just in time” research information tailored to support a specific decision.

Integration and implementation of specialized services founded on validated processes, continuous and measured improvement using quantitative performance data, and the delivery of seamless and responsive services are applied to the analytical modeling and implementation of automated toolsets.

The OSINT Group can apply these automated tools in supporting private commercial clients (domestic or international) and federal, state and local government agencies.

The OSINT Group process includes four key elements:

  • Discovery – “Knowing who knows” and “knowing where to look” are at the heart of the process which leverages distributed centers of expertise and archival knowledge.
  • Discrimination – Careful discrimination between good and bad sources, current and outdated sources, relevant and irrelevant sources, and finally, between cost-effective and cost-prohibitive sources, is part of the unique value of the process.
  • Distillation – The most important value added by the process is that of distillation; the final research report may be as short as a paragraph or a page, and can communicate to the decision maker the essence of the collective wisdom pertinent to the decision under consideration.
  • Delivery – The best intelligence/research in the world is useless if it cannot be delivered to the client in a timely fashion, in a medium compatible with the client’s in-house system, with adequate provision for security, and in a format that can be easily understood.

Open Source Intelligence — “Application Background”

This outline identifies the OSINT Model, capabilities and business description in general terms, software and hardware components and characteristics, projected costs, and potential clients.  Every effort has been made in this DRAFT to present factual current information and provide a “best projection” of actual information, events and costs.

Capabilities and Description

  1. Potential customer base consists of both Government and Commercial sectors
  2. Our area of focus is as an information “product” driven provider

    1. Products may take the form of reports, alerts, linkages, photos or other images.
    2. Product value is determined by size of report and time sensitivity of the needed report.
    3. Government products are delivered as unclassified, but may become classified upon receipt.
    4. Commercial products are all treated as “company sensitive” regardless of external sensitivities.
    5. Any need for classified products would be satisfied off site at the customer’s appropriate facility utilizing Analysts with applicable clearances.

Service/product applications by The OSINT Group include:

  1. Business Intelligence
    1. Executive and Employee Background Checks
    2. Due Diligence on Potential Clients
    3. Due Diligence on Potential Competitors
    4. Corporate Self Analysis
      1. Public Relations
      2. Competitor’s View
      3. Potential Internal Information Leaks
      4. Capital loss due to QM issues
    5. Competitor Analysis
      1. Public Relations
      2. Internal Conflict Identification
      3. Weaknesses causes by lack of proper due diligence procedures
      4. Early identification of new products and services not readily disclosed but still open source
      5. Market Condition Analysis
      6. Global Trends Analysis
  2. Government Intelligence
    1. Products needed for Military Applications
    2. Products needed for Non-Military Applications
    3. Products needed for Federally Funded Research and Development Corporations (FFRDCs)
  3. Government and Commercial Partnership Intelligence
    1. Products needed to support joint ventures