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The OSINT Group launches Operation Jellyfish



Intelligence Firm Offers Unique Public Access to Private Government Information, “Gray Research” Services


Jellyfish Intelligence, a boutique private intelligence firm based in Washington DC created an innovative new information operations service that delivers a unique combination of market news and data, geopolitical analysis and “gray research” services while offering direct access to its intelligence operations team.

Jellyfish delivers timely original content on important industry news from emerging markets, informative economic research, and insightful geopolitical analysis by using a combination of its human network of assets around the world and the latest technical innovations used to conduct open source intelligence gathering by governments and military establishments.

“We provide clients with tomorrow’s headlines today by using a team of intelligence operations professionals, internationally acclaimed reporters and journalists, academic scholars and a collection of over 200 assets operating in capital cities around the world,” said Michael Bagley, operations director for Jellyfish.

“When it comes to analysis of global hot spots, emerging markets and geopolitical trends – whether it be pipeline politics, security and investment risk, natural resource conflicts, or internal politics that affect entire industries – Jellyfish Intelligence provides a unique network of experts and assets around the world who can explain the situation,” Bagley said.





Wall Street Soaks Up Research Business

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Goldman, Hedge Funds Fishing In New Data Waters

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Open Source Intelligence Use Soars


Every day in Washington and within government institutions across the globe, decisions are made that affect the prospects and profitability of individual companies and entire industries. The investment and political worlds are both in the midst of a sea change. Higher levels of regulation are in the works, no matter which party is in control.

The forces driving these changes – the political contests and policy debates – are not as familiar to investment professionals as fundamental, technical or quantitative research.  The task of tracking, analyzing and anticipating impactful shifts in public policy is not an academic exercise.

When you need to understand policy and politics accurately and consistently, we take the guesswork out of your analysis. Top corporations and foreign governments set a very high standard for the outside counsel they retain for managing risk and unearthing new opportunities. We provide experts of that caliber who—instead of trying to change policy—are able to help you understand and stay ahead of it.

Our “Political Intelligence” service is built on a single powerful idea: to provide institutional investors with accurate, actionable and timely information created by the currents of political forces and regulatory decisions.